Sign your way round the world with Diners Club International

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exclusive exclusive services = services not given by anyone else fee money paid for service honour accept

immediately at once, without waiting

insurance The insurance company will pay if the luggage is stolen. limit maximum amount major big, important member person belonging to e. g. a club

membership being a member offer We offer cheap tickets. = You can buy cheap tickets from us. optional something you can choose to do or not organization company original when it first happened p. a. per annum, every year

In how many countries can you use a Diners Club card?

2 How much credit can you have with a Diners Club card?

a) It depends how much you earn.

b) As much as you like.

3 At which banks can you use the card to cash a cheque?

a) At any bank in the National Westminster Group.

b) At any bank in the Eurocheque scheme.

4 Which of these does the card give you free?

a) Insurance against death while travelling.

b) Insurance against accident.

5 If you pay extra, you will not lose money when your card is stolen. How much extra does this cost each year?

6 If you have never had a card before, how much would it cost to have a card in the first year?

Now check your answers with the Key on page 105.


account I have an account at Barclays Bank.

affiliated linked with, working together with

in association with together with block fee total charge branch The bank has a branch in every town.

charge card credit card cover The insurance covered (= included) accidents. directory list of e. g. garages, hotels display show

drawn on cheque drawn on a bank = cheque with the bank’s name on it

entrance going in, becoming a member

establishment hotel, shop, garage eti.

protection keeping safe relieve make free

rental agency company from which you rent (= pay to use) e. g. a car reverse side other side scheme system, way of organizing things

security being safe spouse husband or wife

statement Your hank statement says how much you have in the hank. store shop

subsidiary company belonging to another company throughout in all parts of transferable can he used by another person