Listen to the Dialogue. If you need to, you can look at the words in your book or at the Key Words after the Dialogue.

Peter and Maria Almar are having a meal at a restaurant in Athens after their first day in the city. ®

Waiter Are you ready to order now?

1 Sauce

2 Onions і Lemon

4 Vine lea/

5 Tomatoes

Peter Yes, 1 think so. Could you tell us what ‘dolmadakia’ is, please?

Waiter It’s vine leaves stuffed with meat and onions and served with lemon sauce.

Maria It sounds delicious. I’ll try that, please.

Waiter And for the main course?

Maria I’ll have the chicken and rice with tomatoes.

Waiter And for you, sir?

Peter I’ll have the fish and vegetable soup and the roast lamb with a salad, please.

Waiter What dressing would you like on the salad?

Peter French dressing, please.

Waiter And would you like anything to drink?

Maria I’d like some white wine. Is there a Greek wine you can recommend?

Waiter Well, the Santa Helena is very nice.

Peter Yes, a bottle of the Santa Helena then, please.

Waiter Thank you.

Waiter Everything all right, sir?

Peter Yes, thank you. That was very nice.

Waiter Would you like a dessert?

Maria Not for me, thank you.

Peter No, thank you. Just two coffees. And could we have the bill, please?

Waiter Yes, sir.

Go back and listen again to the Dialogue until you can understand it without looking at the words. Then practise saying Peter and Maria’s words after them.