Please complete In BLOCK letters

Surname (Mr./Mrs /Miss)

Christian names

Place ol birth

Nationality/ Citizenship Date ol birth



Home address Purpose ol visit Occupation



birth being horn block letters LIKE THESE Christian name first name citizenship nationality complete fill in

embarkation getting on a plane or ship

employer company that you work for

fill in (USA: fill out) write your name, address etc. on a form
form paper with questions that you must answer

maiden name woman’s name before she was married

nationality the country you belong to, e. g. Swiss nationality occupation job signature writing your name surname family name


Listen to the Dialogue. If you need to, you can look at the words in your book or at the Key Words after the Dialogue.

Peter and Maria Almar arrive at the Hotel International in Athens, where they have reserved a room.

Peter Good evening. My name’s Almar. I reserved a double room with bathroom for three nights.

Receptionist Mr Almar. Yes, room 312. Would you like to register, please? Just fill in this form.

Peter Thank you.

Receptionist And could I see your passports, please? Thank you.

Maria How much ф> you charge for a double room?

Receptionist ItJs 1300 drachmas a night, which includes a service charge.

Maria ( an we get dinner this evening?

Receptionist Yes, we’re serving dinner in the Roof Garden.

Peter And what time is breakfast?

Receptionist Breakfast is from 7.30 to 9.00 in the ground-floor restaurant.

Peter And could we have a call in the morning, please?

Receptionist Certainly. What time would you like it?

Peter Eight o’clock, please.

Receptionist Very good, sir. And here’s your key.

Room 312.

Peter Thank you. Oh, are there any letters or telephone messages for us?

Receptionist No, sir, nothing. I’ll just get a porter to take your luggage up.

Go back and listen again to the Dialogue until you can understand it without looking at the words. Then practise saying Peter and Maria’s words after them.

Key words

accommodation agency An accommodation agency finds hotel rooms for people a la carte each dish with its опт price (see table d’hote) amount an amount of money = some money

bill (USA: check) paper that says how much you have to pay call I made a call = 1 telephoned. choice a choice of two flights = two flights to choose from complimentary costing nothing disco(theque) place where you can dance to records

fruit apples, oranges, bananas etc. key You need a key to open the door.

menu list of things to eat in a restaurant
message piece of information for another person

porter person who carries luggage receipt paper that says you have paid money

receptionist (USA: room clerk) person in a hotel who you ask about rooms

register put your name on a list reserve book, make a reservation serve bring food to the table service charge extra money paid for service

table d’hote one price for the whole meal (see a la carte) terms price

unconfirmed not agreed in tvriting VAT Value Added Tax (tax on goods and services in Britain)