Listening for information

Now you will hear two conversations at an airport. Listen to the conver­sations and try to understand them without looking at the words in your book or at the Key Words on pages 21 and 22.

Conversation 1 Checking in

Check-in clerk Good morning.

Traveller Good morning. Can 1 check in here for the flight to New York?

Check-in clerk Yes, I’m afraid it’s running late today, it’s leaving at ten past three instead of one o’clock.

Traveller Oh dear.

Check-in clerk May I have your ticket and your passport? . . . Thank you very much.

Traveller Can I take this briefcase as hand baggage?

Check-in clerk Yes, as long as it’ll go under the seat. Have you any other baggage?


Traveller Yes, I’ve got these two suitcases and this bag.


Bag Hnefcase Suitcase

Check-in clerk I’m afraid the baggage allowance to New York is two pieces. It doesn’t involve weight, only the number of pieces.

Traveller So how much excess baggage is there?

Check-in clerk The extra charge is £20 for each extra piece that you have.

Traveller For each piece above two?

Check-in clerk Yes, so that’ll be £20.

Traveller 1 see. Do I have to pay now?

Check-in clerk Yes, please. . . £20. Thank you very much. Where would you like to sit?

Traveller No smoking, please.

Check-in clerk No smoking. Window?

Traveller Yes, by the window, please.

Check-in clerk So that’s 18A, that’s your boarding card and your ticket that you’ll need to show again at the gate.

Traveller Thank you.

Check-in clerk Do you have a valid visa for New York?

Traveller Yes, I do.

( lurk-in clerk Can I see it? . . . Thank you. We’ll be hoarding at Gate 23 at two forty-five.

I i. iveller Gate 23. Right, thank you very much.

< heck-in clerk You’re welcome.

Conversation 2 Going through Customs

< usioins officer Would you like to put your luggage on

line?. . . I hank you. Where have you just come

11 oin?

11uvrllcr I rom Madrid. ‘

< iisiimis ollicer Madrid. Are you resident in Spain, or

do you live in the UK?

І іaveller I live in Spain.

< usioins ollicer Can I see your passport, please?

I hank you. I low longare you coming to the UK for?

І і a rllri I oi a week.

( iiMoms ollicci ()n holiday, are you? Or business?

I i. ivrlh і ‘l e s, on business.

< iumoiiis ollnei I see. ()k. Well then, you understand

I Cigarettes 1 Cigars

ih. и you’ve і nine mio the Green Channel, which пн. ins oii have nothin)1, to dis hire.

I i n і Ih і b1.

t usioins ollnii Is 1111 s ill v • >>ii Іііце. ащ І і.11 I III I I Ills is ill. < I

t і < а і о 111 s о 1111 <i ‘Johoilv else is 11 a veiling with you?

І і at і Ih і No, I in 11 i і Mill)’, ah iru

( iisiouiN ollnei tils ilnn What lypeol goods have you )’i и, і i)* ii el tes, і Іц. іГК?

ІіамІІеі I’ve got 11 ist.'()() і igaretles.

( ustonis ollnei Nothing else at all in the tobacco line?

І і avi’lli і No.

< им……. ollnei Any drink at all? Spirits? Liqueurs?


I rnw’llci lust this bottle of whisky, t ustonis ollicer Was that bought in the duty-free shop,

OI. . ?

І і ivjlei Yes, at Madrid airport.

< ustonis oflicer I see. Are you bringing any gifts at all

I oi anybody in the UK?

I i. iveller Well, the whisky is a present, but that’s all.

Customs officer I see. No other small items — watches, jewellery?

1 Jewellery (USA: Jewelry)

2 Camera

3 Watch

4 Calculator

Traveller No, it’s just personal things.

Customs officer OK. Right, sir. Would you let me have a look in there? … Is the calculator going back to Spain with you?

Traveller Yes it is. It’s mine.

Customs officer Do you have a camera at all?

Traveller No, not with me.

Customs officer OK, sir. Thank you very much.

Go back and listen again to each conversation until you can under­stand it without looking at the words.

When you understand it, read the questions in your book. Then play the conversation again, and stop the tape to write the answer to each question. Do not read the conversation in your book when you are answering the questions.

Conversation 1

1 What time will the flight leave today?

2 What time does it normally leave?

3 What is the baggage allowance on flights to New York?

4 How much must she pay for the excess baggage?

5 Can she pay later?

6 What is the number of her seat on the plane?

7 Which gate will she have to go to?

8 What time will she be able to board the plane?

Conversation 2

9 Where has the traveller come from?

10 Why has he come to the UK?

11 What does it mean if he goes into the Green Channel?

a) He has something to declare.

b) He has nothing to declare.

12 How many cigarettes has he got?

13 What drink has he got?

14 Has he got any jewellery?

15 Is he going to give the calculator to another person?

Reading for information

Look at the information and then answer the questions. Use the Notes if you need to, but try to answer the questions before looking at the Notes if you can.