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Using the language

Asking if you are allowed to do things

Listen to the examples on your tape and then try to do the exercise without looking at your book. You will hear each correct answer after you say it.

1 You want to know if you are allowed to board the

aircraft now.

Can I board the aircraft nowf

2 You want to know if you are allowed to bring in 300


Can I bring in 300 cigarettesf

use the ticket on a weekday.

pay by cheque.

leave the car in London.

You want to know if break the journey in Budapest,

you are allowed to catch the flight without

a reservation.

take your briefcase on the plane.

Answering questions

Listen to the question and then give an answer beginning with yes or no. Answer number one with yes, number two with no, number three with yes and so on.

I i< you here on business?

і, / am.

‘ I >i і vi hi live in Lngland?

Ni >. / ih і n’t.

> I law y<ні got a visa?

I I Live you anything to declare?

• I >iil you reserve a seat? о u – you importing any goods?

І і Ins your first visit to Norway?
к I >id you have any excess baggage?

On the aircraft

Listen to this dialogue.

so w. и dess Would you like any duty-free goods?

I i. o el let Yes, a litre bottle of whisky, please.

Su w. mless What sort would you like?

I i. o ellei lohnnie Walker, please.

Stewardess I hat’s $6-80.

І і. o el lei (‘.an I pay in francs?

Sic w. mless Haven’t you got any US dollars?

I i. oellei No, I haven’t. I’m sorry.

Stewardess OK, that’ll be all right. I’ll bring the change in a moment.

I i. neller I hank yon.

Go back and play the role of the traveller. Say the traveller’s words at the same time as he does. You can look at your book if you need to.

Now go back again and this time play the role of the traveller without looking at your book. Stop the tape after the stewardess’s words and say the traveller’s words.

Listening for information

Now you will hear two conversations at an airport. Listen to the conver­sations and try to understand them without looking at the words in your book or at the Key Words on pages 21 and 22.

Conversation 1 Checking in

Check-in clerk Good morning.

Traveller Good morning. Can 1 check in here for the flight to New York?

Check-in clerk Yes, I’m afraid it’s running late today, it’s leaving at ten past three instead of one o’clock.

Traveller Oh dear.

Check-in clerk May I have your ticket and your passport? . . . Thank you very much.

Traveller Can I take this briefcase as hand baggage?

Check-in clerk Yes, as long as it’ll go under the seat. Have you any other baggage?


Traveller Yes, I’ve got these two suitcases and this bag.


Bag Hnefcase Suitcase

Check-in clerk I’m afraid the baggage allowance to New York is two pieces. It doesn’t involve weight, only the number of pieces.

Traveller So how much excess baggage is there?

Check-in clerk The extra charge is £20 for each extra piece that you have.

Traveller For each piece above two?

Check-in clerk Yes, so that’ll be £20.

Traveller 1 see. Do I have to pay now?

Check-in clerk Yes, please. . . £20. Thank you very much. Where would you like to sit?

Traveller No smoking, please.

Check-in clerk No smoking. Window?

Traveller Yes, by the window, please.

Check-in clerk So that’s 18A, that’s your boarding card and your ticket that you’ll need to show again at the gate.

Traveller Thank you.

Check-in clerk Do you have a valid visa for New York?

Traveller Yes, I do.

( lurk-in clerk Can I see it? . . . Thank you. We’ll be hoarding at Gate 23 at two forty-five.

I i. iveller Gate 23. Right, thank you very much.

< heck-in clerk You’re welcome.

Conversation 2 Going through Customs

< usioins officer Would you like to put your luggage on

line?. . . I hank you. Where have you just come

11 oin?

11uvrllcr I rom Madrid. ‘

< iisiimis ollicer Madrid. Are you resident in Spain, or

do you live in the UK?

І іaveller I live in Spain.

< usioins ollicer Can I see your passport, please?

I hank you. I low longare you coming to the UK for?

І і a rllri I oi a week.

( iiMoms ollicci ()n holiday, are you? Or business?

I i. ivrlh і ‘l e s, on business.

< iumoiiis ollnei I see. ()k. Well then, you understand

I Cigarettes 1 Cigars

ih. и you’ve і nine mio the Green Channel, which пн. ins oii have nothin)1, to dis hire.

I i n і Ih і b1.

t usioins ollnii Is 1111 s ill v • >>ii Іііце. ащ І і.11 I III I I Ills is ill. < I

t і < а і о 111 s о 1111 <i ‘Johoilv else is 11 a veiling with you?

І і at і Ih і No, I in 11 i і Mill)’, ah iru

( iisiouiN ollnei tils ilnn What lypeol goods have you )’i и, і i)* ii el tes, і Іц. іГК?

ІіамІІеі I’ve got 11 ist.'()() і igaretles.

( ustonis ollnei Nothing else at all in the tobacco line?

І і avi’lli і No.

< им……. ollnei Any drink at all? Spirits? Liqueurs?


I rnw’llci lust this bottle of whisky, t ustonis ollicer Was that bought in the duty-free shop,

OI. . ?

І і ivjlei Yes, at Madrid airport.

< ustonis oflicer I see. Are you bringing any gifts at all

I oi anybody in the UK?

I i. iveller Well, the whisky is a present, but that’s all.

Customs officer I see. No other small items — watches, jewellery?

1 Jewellery (USA: Jewelry)

2 Camera

3 Watch

4 Calculator

Traveller No, it’s just personal things.

Customs officer OK. Right, sir. Would you let me have a look in there? … Is the calculator going back to Spain with you?

Traveller Yes it is. It’s mine.

Customs officer Do you have a camera at all?

Traveller No, not with me.

Customs officer OK, sir. Thank you very much.

Go back and listen again to each conversation until you can under­stand it without looking at the words.

When you understand it, read the questions in your book. Then play the conversation again, and stop the tape to write the answer to each question. Do not read the conversation in your book when you are answering the questions.

Conversation 1

1 What time will the flight leave today?

2 What time does it normally leave?

3 What is the baggage allowance on flights to New York?

4 How much must she pay for the excess baggage?

5 Can she pay later?

6 What is the number of her seat on the plane?

7 Which gate will she have to go to?

8 What time will she be able to board the plane?

Conversation 2

9 Where has the traveller come from?

10 Why has he come to the UK?

11 What does it mean if he goes into the Green Channel?

a) He has something to declare.

b) He has nothing to declare.

12 How many cigarettes has he got?

13 What drink has he got?

14 Has he got any jewellery?

15 Is he going to give the calculator to another person?

Reading for information

Look at the information and then answer the questions. Use the Notes if you need to, but try to answer the questions before looking at the Notes if you can.


If you have come from an EEC country the allow­ances in column 1 apply to goods obtained duty and lax-paid within the EEC. The allowances in column 2 apply if any of the goods were obtained outside the If EC or in a duty and tax-free shop, or duty and tax – free on a ship or aircraft.

If you have come from a country outside the EEC the allowances in column 2 apply.

1 2

If you have more than the duty-free allowances listed or if you have prohi­bited or restricted goods go into the RED CHANNEL and declare them to an officer.

___________ /

Tobacco Goods Cigarettes


200 ^







„ >4U


> _

— (D








250 J



Alcoholic Drinks

over 38.8е proof (22° Gay-Lussac)

1 ‘/г litres

1 litre


not over 38.8° proof or fortified or sparkling wine plus

still table wine

3 litres

2 litres

3 litres

2 litres

Persons under 17 are not entitled to tobacco and drinks allowances


Perfume 75 grammes 50 grammes

(3fl. oz. or (2fl. oz. or

90 cc) 60 cc)

Toilet water 375 cc 250 cc

(13 fl. oz.) (9fl. oz.)

Other goods £50 worth £10 worth

and. if you are visiting the United Kingdom for less than 6 months, all personal effects (except tobacco goods, wine, spirits and perfume) which you intend to take with you when you leave.

If you have nothing more than the duty-free allow­ances and no prohibited or restricted goods go straight through the GREEN CHANNEL un­less asked to stop by an officer.

1 You are arriving in the UK from Copenhagen. You have 75 cigars which you bought at a shop in the city. Will you have to pay duty?

2 You are flying from Milan to Birmingham. You want to buy perfume without paying duty. How much can you buy at the duty-free shop at Milan airport?

3 You are arriving in the UK from Montevideo, where you live. How many duty-free cigarettes can you bring in?

4 You are going to fly from Marseilles to London. You want to buy some Sauterne (white wine) at a shop in Marseilles before you go to the airport. How much can you take to London duty-free?

5 You are going to London for three weeks. Will you have to pay duty on your camera?

Now check your answers with the Key on page 104.






alcoholic Beer, wine and whisky are alcoholic drinks.

EEC European Economic Community, Common Market effects things which belong to a person e. g. clothes entitled to allowed to have fl. oz. fluid ounce (weight) intend I intend to leave today = I am going to leave today. obtain buy, get
prohibit not allow

proof 30% proof = 30% alcohol in a drink

tax money paid to the government unless if not within in, inside

Perfume Toilet Water Sparkling wine Fortified wine


You are flying to Belfast on a business trip, and you have been given this form. Fill in the answers on the form. Use the Notes if you need to.


Please complete In BLOCK letters

Surname (Mr./Mrs /Miss)

Christian names

Place ol birth

Nationality/ Citizenship Date ol birth



Home address Purpose ol visit Occupation



birth being horn block letters LIKE THESE Christian name first name citizenship nationality complete fill in

embarkation getting on a plane or ship

employer company that you work for

fill in (USA: fill out) write your name, address etc. on a form
form paper with questions that you must answer

maiden name woman’s name before she was married

nationality the country you belong to, e. g. Swiss nationality occupation job signature writing your name surname family name


Listen to the Dialogue. If you need to, you can look at the words in your book or at the Key Words after the Dialogue.

Peter and Maria Almar arrive at the Hotel International in Athens, where they have reserved a room.

Peter Good evening. My name’s Almar. I reserved a double room with bathroom for three nights.

Receptionist Mr Almar. Yes, room 312. Would you like to register, please? Just fill in this form.

Peter Thank you.

Receptionist And could I see your passports, please? Thank you.

Maria How much ф> you charge for a double room?

Receptionist ItJs 1300 drachmas a night, which includes a service charge.

Maria ( an we get dinner this evening?

Receptionist Yes, we’re serving dinner in the Roof Garden.

Peter And what time is breakfast?

Receptionist Breakfast is from 7.30 to 9.00 in the ground-floor restaurant.

Peter And could we have a call in the morning, please?

Receptionist Certainly. What time would you like it?

Peter Eight o’clock, please.

Receptionist Very good, sir. And here’s your key.

Room 312.

Peter Thank you. Oh, are there any letters or telephone messages for us?

Receptionist No, sir, nothing. I’ll just get a porter to take your luggage up.

Go back and listen again to the Dialogue until you can understand it without looking at the words. Then practise saying Peter and Maria’s words after them.

Key words

accommodation agency An accommodation agency finds hotel rooms for people a la carte each dish with its опт price (see table d’hote) amount an amount of money = some money

bill (USA: check) paper that says how much you have to pay call I made a call = 1 telephoned. choice a choice of two flights = two flights to choose from complimentary costing nothing disco(theque) place where you can dance to records

fruit apples, oranges, bananas etc. key You need a key to open the door.

menu list of things to eat in a restaurant
message piece of information for another person

porter person who carries luggage receipt paper that says you have paid money

receptionist (USA: room clerk) person in a hotel who you ask about rooms

register put your name on a list reserve book, make a reservation serve bring food to the table service charge extra money paid for service

table d’hote one price for the whole meal (see a la carte) terms price

unconfirmed not agreed in tvriting VAT Value Added Tax (tax on goods and services in Britain)


Listen to the Dialogue. If you need to, you can look at the words in your book or at the Key Words after the Dialogue.

Peter and Maria Almar are having a meal at a restaurant in Athens after their first day in the city. ®

Waiter Are you ready to order now?

1 Sauce

2 Onions і Lemon

4 Vine lea/

5 Tomatoes

Peter Yes, 1 think so. Could you tell us what ‘dolmadakia’ is, please?

Waiter It’s vine leaves stuffed with meat and onions and served with lemon sauce.

Maria It sounds delicious. I’ll try that, please.

Waiter And for the main course?

Maria I’ll have the chicken and rice with tomatoes.

Waiter And for you, sir?

Peter I’ll have the fish and vegetable soup and the roast lamb with a salad, please.

Waiter What dressing would you like on the salad?

Peter French dressing, please.

Waiter And would you like anything to drink?

Maria I’d like some white wine. Is there a Greek wine you can recommend?

Waiter Well, the Santa Helena is very nice.

Peter Yes, a bottle of the Santa Helena then, please.

Waiter Thank you.

Waiter Everything all right, sir?

Peter Yes, thank you. That was very nice.

Waiter Would you like a dessert?

Maria Not for me, thank you.

Peter No, thank you. Just two coffees. And could we have the bill, please?

Waiter Yes, sir.

Go back and listen again to the Dialogue until you can understand it without looking at the words. Then practise saying Peter and Maria’s words after them.

Asking somebody to explain

You don’t know the meaning of ‘zabaglione’.

Could you tell me what ‘zabaglione’ is?


You don’t know the meaning of ‘chicken maryland’.

Could you tell me what ‘chicken maryland’ is?

pommes anna. ‘souvlaki’.

You don’t know the meaning of

‘foo yung’.

‘sauce bearnaise’. ‘Waldorf salad’, ‘oeufs en cocotte’.

Booking a table

Listen to this dialogue.

Waiter Victoria Restaurant.

Caller Oh, hello. Can I hook a table for tomorrow evening, please?

Waiter Certainly. What time tomorrow?

Caller Eight thirty, please.

Waiter And how many people is it for?

Caller hour people.

Waiter What name is it, please?

Caller Larsson. L-A-R-douhle-S-O-N.

Waiter Very good. We’ll reserve a table for you.

Caller Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Waiter Goodbye.

Go back and play the role of the caller. Say the caller’s words at the same time as he does. You can look at your book if you need to.

Now go back again and this time play the role of the caller without looking at your book. Stop the tape – after the waiter’s words and say the caller’s words. Give your own name when the waiter asks you.

Sign your way round the world with Diners Club International

3*jt гою



exclusive exclusive services = services not given by anyone else fee money paid for service honour accept

immediately at once, without waiting

insurance The insurance company will pay if the luggage is stolen. limit maximum amount major big, important member person belonging to e. g. a club

membership being a member offer We offer cheap tickets. = You can buy cheap tickets from us. optional something you can choose to do or not organization company original when it first happened p. a. per annum, every year

In how many countries can you use a Diners Club card?

2 How much credit can you have with a Diners Club card?

a) It depends how much you earn.

b) As much as you like.

3 At which banks can you use the card to cash a cheque?

a) At any bank in the National Westminster Group.

b) At any bank in the Eurocheque scheme.

4 Which of these does the card give you free?

a) Insurance against death while travelling.

b) Insurance against accident.

5 If you pay extra, you will not lose money when your card is stolen. How much extra does this cost each year?

6 If you have never had a card before, how much would it cost to have a card in the first year?

Now check your answers with the Key on page 105.


account I have an account at Barclays Bank.

affiliated linked with, working together with

in association with together with block fee total charge branch The bank has a branch in every town.

charge card credit card cover The insurance covered (= included) accidents. directory list of e. g. garages, hotels display show

drawn on cheque drawn on a bank = cheque with the bank’s name on it

entrance going in, becoming a member

establishment hotel, shop, garage eti.

protection keeping safe relieve make free

rental agency company from which you rent (= pay to use) e. g. a car reverse side other side scheme system, way of organizing things

security being safe spouse husband or wife

statement Your hank statement says how much you have in the hank. store shop

subsidiary company belonging to another company throughout in all parts of transferable can he used by another person